ARC REVIEW Highlander in a Pickup by Laura Trentham

A Highlander in a Pickup (Highland, Georgia, #2)Highland Georgia #2, This is such a fun book, a light hearted and funny romance between one person determined to prove herself and a man who's trying to find himself. I loved Iain and Anna. Anna, after failing her dream of broadway came home and eventually took over her mother's dance studio. She has worked hard to make it hers to expand the direction of the studio to fit current trends and now she wants to run for mayor. Anna sees her chance at running the Highland Games this year as her chance to prove to everyone that she has what it takes to be mayor of Highland. Iain grew up the caretakers son he saw his dad's life revolve around Cairnow Castle. As soon as he could he left but while in HM Armed Forces he couldn't wait to come home. Until he actually got there and he didn't know for sure of that's what he wanted anymore, but he promised his Dad after helping with the Highland Games he'd be back.

At first Anna sees Iain as a threat, a very,very sexy, kilt wearing threat. Thinking he's going to come in and take over. That had been Iain's plan but seeing that Anna has everything under her control he takes on the one thing she can't control, the animals. Since the addition of livestock show is new and Anna is horrible with animals she is more than happy to leave that to Iain. As the days pass the attraction builds and Anna sees how good Iain is with the townspeople he even takes on extra work just to help out around the town and the attraction grows stronger. When they finally do give into the lust it's hot and heavy between them but they don't let that get in the way of the festival. The Festival is anticipated and dreaded as it also marks the ending point of Iain's time in Highland.

Overall, it was such a fun read. I am really enjoying this series and the teaser at the end about the next book, oh boy. It can be read as a standalone but reading the first book give you a bit more background on the town and the Highland Games festival.

Also by Laura Trentham, a recent release on the serious side of Contemporary Romance, An Everyday Hero.

An Everyday Hero (Heart of a Hero #2)Heart of a Hero #2, A heartfelt emotional romance about healing, grieving, learning to move on, and music. Greer left Nashville and came back home to find her boyfriend cheating on her, instead of feeling inspired to write she felt more dejected than before and thought she'd never pick her guitar up again. But after a night of drinking and getting in trouble with a perverted cop she winds up with community service helping out a local place where they use music to help with veterans and their family. Her first assignment is a young teenager, Ally, who lost her father overseas and her mother isn't handling it any better. Greer's second assignment is a little bit more personal. Emmett was the popular one in high school and he even stood up for Greer once and she never forgot the incident so when she heard what happened she easily took the assignment.

Emmett blamed himself for what happened, he may have lost part of his leg but several of his men lost their lives. He plans to just sit alone in the cabin and just drink the pain away until a feisty little spitfire named Greer calls to his senses, brings music back into his life and shows him he still has something to live for. Ally hates her new school, she hates that her mom acts like her dad's not dead, she doesn't want to do the music therapy but Greer shows her a way to vent through her lyrics. Ally and Emmett also help Greer get out of her funk, show her that she deserves better than her last boyfriend and that the music never left her she just needed the right person, or persons, to push her where she needs to be.

Overall, this was a beautiful story. Laura Trentham wears a coat of many colors when it comes what she can write and she writes emotional, not to angsty, romance just as well as she writes the funny stuff.