ARC REVIEW In Search of Truth by Sharon Wray

In Search of Truth (Deadly Force #3)Deadly Force #3, I don't think any of these should be read as a standalone they all have a connecting story arc, trying to clear the names of the two teams of Green Berets that were wrongly imprisoned and half, later, dishonorably discharged. The half that were released from prison and discharged are on the hunt to find proof they didn't do what they said they did and that lands them smack in the middle of two very powerful very secret people. It's a very complex story, which I loved, and has so much history, a great mystery, and ghost stories. There are quite a few characters but each books you only need to worry about a handful at a time. It is told in third person with three alternating POVs but each time the POV changes the characters name is the first thing you read so it's easy to keep track. We aren't limited to Savannah this book most of it takes place in Charleston and for a bit we go to New Orleans.

Zack has been in love with Allison for just about ever, even when she married his best friend but now seven years later Stuart is dead. Zach knows his death is in connection to The Prince and the Fianna and in turn Remiel. Zack is worried about Allison and for good reason because whatever it was the they told Stuart to do is now Allison's responsibility to see it happen. Allison is now incharge of finding a long lost treasure buried by an infamous pirate who disappeared along with his treasure. Zack is willing to help to protect Allison but as an extra measure The Prince kidnaps Zack's sister to make sure he plays along. Alex, who is now apart of the group even though he wasn't an original member of the Green Berets but who is involved nonetheless for his own complicated past, left Savannah against Kells (their boss and Zack's former CO) wishes to help out Zach and Allison.

Overall, if you are brave enough to take this on as a stand alone and can keep up with it it is quite the read. I loved it just as much as the first two. I can't wait for Alex's story, and Vain and hopefully after what transpired in this one there might be something later on with Kells. (???) It was exciting and action-packed read and it kept me immersed the whole time. I loved the chemistry between Zack and Allison. I can't wait to find out what happens next.