ARC REVIEW Dangerous Desires by Dawn Altieri

Dangerous DesiresKiller Instincts #1, To me the book was okay, there was nothing really wrong with it but I had a hard time keeping my attention focused on the book. I liked the characters okay and the story was interesting enough, even if it was really predictable. I do enjoy the bodyguard trope and the whole forbidden romance that goes with it but this one missed the mark with me.

Three years ago Emma lost her fiance to a hit and run accident and they never caught the person, now Emma is trying to start over with her best friend nudging her to start dating again. Emma is assaulted outside her apartment luckily her neighbor intervened and scared the guy away. Later that night a woman was murdered who looked like Emma. Detective Jake Quinn was a rookie detective on Emma's fiancee's hit and run he's never stopped thinking about her. He's lead detective on this most recent murder and when Emma reports the attack Jake doesn't think it's a coincidence. Even before he had department approval he starts protecting her. But this killer is escalating he's sending messages to Emma and calling her and views Jake as a threat. Emma hasn't felt this way about anybody since her fiance, Jake has awaken a desire in her she forgot she had and now with the threat on her head they both have to fight the desire raging between them or it could risk Jake his career and the case.

Overall, the book had its moments. It's not one of my favorites but it wasn't horrible either it was a decent read and I would read more by this author mostly because I don't judge an author by a single book.