ARC REVIEW Risk It All by Katie Ruggle

Risk It All (Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters #2)Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters #2, This was such a fun read. I like that it gives you a brief recap at the beginning of the book to catch you up if you haven't read the first one or just a refresher if you have. Cara is not a skip trace like her other sisters she prefers the research when she's not studying to become a teacher but with the crap going on with her mom and two of her sisters concentrating their efforts on finding her she tries to help out unfortunately she just gets herself into danger. Accused murder Henry Kavenski is the skip she decides will bring in enough money to help support the family, but she soon realizes she is in way over her head and decides to drop it for one a little less violent crime related but even then it turns out not to be as easy as she thinks.

Henry spots Cara her first day of following him and when he catches her trying to break in to his hotel room he thinks she's properly scared off but when she accidentally sits down at his booth in a sleazy bar tracking someone else down he warns her that there is more to that case than she thinks. Following her to return something as inconsequential as a bottle of aspirin may not have been smart but he had to make sure she dropped looking for the other skip. In doing so he might have just put her in more danger.

Cara gets kidnapped and thankfully Henry shows up when he did and saves her even if they end up driving the car off the road and have to trek two day through the cold mountains before they get to a town all the while dodging bad guys. Overall, it was a great read. I loved the twist at the end, I was hoping it would be something like that and I'm glad the story worked out the way it did. Katie Ruggle is an auto buy for me as soon as I see the paperback in the store it goes in my cart. I always enjoy her characters, Cara is sweet and stronger than she thinks, Henry is a strong silent type (my favorite). Ruggle ties humor in so well with the action. The entire story was enjoyable.