ARC REVIEW Lethal Redemption by April Hunt

Lethal Redemption (Steele Ops, #2)Steele Ops #2, Another stellar book from April Hunt. This can be read as a standalone the first book has no connection to this other than characters and a few mentions but you miss nothing by not reading it except skipping a really good book. After Grace's father died when she was five her mother moved them into a commune the older Grace got the more she realized it was a cult. When she was thirteen something drastic happened and she ended up with her aunt and three cousins. Cade Wright and his sister were part of the Steele family by choice, Cade was there when Grace showed up at their doorstep. Grace and Cade started as friends but soon became more they fell in love, they even had their future all planned out but then Cade changed the plan without a word and left Grace heartbroken. It's been almost a decade and not a day goes by that Cade regrets his decision but Grace still hurts they can't even be in the same room together without verbally sparring.

Steele Ops the private security firm run by her cousins get hired to do a job she gets pulled in for her expertise on the subject, the subject of the Order of the New Dawn, the cult where she spent her childhood. Unfortunately the only way in is to play the prodigal daughter and there is no way her cousins it Cade is letting her go in alone so Cade poses as her fiance. Now Grace has to face all the terrors of her past while dealing with this mission and her and Cade's relationship. What they find out about OND goes deep and gets very personal for Grace. But Grace has Cade he's always been there for her in the past and he wants to be there for her now he just has to convince her he's not going to run away this time. 

Overall, this was such a great book, the characters were so likeable Grace is smart quick with an insult, Cade is sexy, strong, and over protective but he knows Grace can handle herself; the plot is engaging and if life had let me I probably would have finished in one sitting, the romance was emotional and hot I love them together, it was all so good. I can't wait for the Steele brother's to get their stories.