ARC REVIEW Don't Breathe A Word by Christie Craig

Don't Breathe a WordTexas Justice #2, The Cold Case Unit of Anniston PD has a new case when they look into a young stripper's disappearance, the murder of her boyfriend, and the connection they had to the gang leader/drug dealer who killed Juan Acosta's wife and unborn baby. Juan already killed him in the line of duty but the large scar on his face serves as a daily reminder that he failed his family. Finding the person responsible for this cold case and maybe even finding the stripper alive will help, or so he hopes. But then there is his new neighbor and her daughter something just doesn't feel right he knows they are running from something but he doesn't know what and he's determined to find out.

Vikki Holloway gained guardianship of her niece, Bell, after her sister died in a hit and run. Vikki always suspected her sister's abusive husband as the culprit but never had proof and it seemed pointless to prove it after he died but then Vikki swore she saw him leave her apartment after ransacking it and then he called her threatening her. Scared for her niece she ran and with the help of AWCO they got new identities. After almost being found in Arizona they moved to Texas where she became Nikki Hanson and Bell became her daughter.

Juan felt intrigued by Nikki and her daughter and oddly protective of them too. He knew they were hiding something but the more he got to know them the more he felt inclined to help them, not even the truth scared him off it just made all the more determined to keep them safe. All the while Juan and his team mates are working his cold case which has suddenly become hot again with the only witness disappearing only to reappear and get shot at and put into a coma. Vikki is hesitant to accept any help from anyone but Juan isn't easily put off, the sexual attraction is one thing but Vikki starts to actually trust Juan. 

Overall, I loved this book. It was an exciting read with great characters, Bell is adorable. I loved the descriptive foreplay and then leaving the sex up to the reader's imagination it was just enough to satisfy me. It is a nicely balanced romantic suspense and it can be read as a standalone. I look forward to Connor's book next.