ARC REVIEW Breathless With Her by Carrie Ann Ryan

Breathless With Her (Less Than, #1)Less Than #1, Meet the rest of the Carrs. We meet the first sibling Dimitri Carr in Restless Ink, where we got a brief look at his siblings, enough of a look that made us fans know we wanted them. So here they are. Devin Carr was minding his own business sitting in a bar when a stunner in a red sequins dress walked in the door looking shell shocked. Erin Taborn was enjoying her high school reunion until she walked in on her husband doing the former head cheerleader she left the reunion with the only thought of getting smashed. Luckily her older sisters ex-boyfriend from high school, Devin, was there and told her he had her back for the night he even let her crash at his place cause she didn't want to go back home incase the cheating asshole was there.

One embarrassing morning and six months later the divorce is final and Erin is getting on with her life baking up a storm for her business Lace & Cakes. Erin has no interest in another relationship or even just casual she decided to work on becoming more self reliant she didn't need a man in her life and then Devin walks back into her life again. Erin wants to be able to stand on her own two feet and solve all her problem by herself, she learns it's not always possible especially with her friends. Things start casual between Erin and Devin because that's want Erin wants, Devin wants more but he knows she needs time but she also needs to know that it's okay to ask for help.

Overall, it was another wonderful heart wrenching book from Carrie Ann Ryan. The only thing I wasn't happy about was how Erin left things with her father, I felt that it was left unresolved she formed her opinion but never got his side. But other than that I loved it. It's told in first person with alternating POVs. Devin is sweet and patient Erin can be a little overly stubborn and blinded by her own need to prove herself to herself but together they make a great couple.