ARC REVIEW Down Too Deep by J. Daniels

Down Too Deep (Dirty Deeds, #4)Dirty Deeds #4, Well, I jumped on to this bandwagon a little late but better late than never. Never read J. Daniels before and I have to say she has a good narrative with the duel first person POVs, which is important to me because I'm picky about my first person POV. I loved the story I love second chance at love stories be it widow(er),  divorced, or just former significant other was a loser and in this case we have a widower and a one night stand that lead to twins and single parenthood. Nathan did not make a good first impression wallowing in his grief and guilt and left his parent to raise his infant daughter Marley. After two years his parents finally said enough was enough. Now on his own to take care of his two year old daughter that he doesn't know and manage his restaurant. Jenna, I Loved. Jenna is a great parent for the last eight years has raised her twins on her own, Oliver and Olivia. At first she hoped the father would come around but gave up hope when he signed away his parental rights. Now all Jenna wants to to find someone who will love her kids as much as she does.

Two weeks into having Marley all on his own and he's at his wits end, keeping her at the restaurant isn't working, thankfully Jenna comes into the picture and saves the day. Honestly she would take care of Marley for free but Nathan conscience won't let her. Thing are going swimmingly, Marley loves Oliver and Olivia and vise versa but the sexual tension between Nathan and Jenna is growing each day and not only that they have become friends and really enjoy each others company. By the time the inevitable happens, because it always does it's romance after all, Nate and Jenna are in deep and not just them but the kids two, and the feels are reals. I was smiling and then all the sudden the smile is gone, I'm crying along with everyone else in the book.

Overall, it was a great read. I loved the story and the kids really stole the show. The book works as a standalone I didn't feel like I needed to read the previous books in the series but I kinda want to now. I do hope to read more J. Daniels books in the future.