ARC REVIEW Good Guy by Kate Meader

Good Guy (Rookie Rebels, #1)Rookie Rebels #1, Yay Kate Meader!!! I am happy there are more Rebels, I love Kate Meader's books.

Levi Hunt truly is a good guy a former Green Beret a talented hockey play who could have gone pro but instead enlisted when he got out despite his age NHL and the Rebels called. All Levi wanted to do was leave his life the Special Forces behind him, he didn't want a lot of publicity only doing the obligatory interviews when needed, but then the bosses tell him a reporter is going to be following him around for a profile piece. Jordan Cooke loved Josh but she had put her life on hold for him when she married him and she can't spent her life grieving so she decided to finally live the life she wanted. She's making her way up the sports media chain with her podcast growing in popularity she's even been asked to fill in for the hockey writer on a larger network, all she has to do is follow Levi Hunt around for a month. It should have been an easy job, and the only way she got the job was because her history with Levi but the last time they saw each other Jordan had just buried her husband.

Jordan always assumed Levi didn't like her little did she know Levi has been half way in love with her since the moment he saw her, which happened to be moments before Josh did. Levi tries to avoid her but she still manages to insert herself into his life even uncovering the secrets he would rather remain hidden. The sexual tension builds until finally they both give in but with Jordan's reputation on the line they agree to keep it secret until after the article is published. But misogyny runs rampant when another sports reporter sabotages Jordan to the point where it not only damages her integrity as a reporter but also her relationship with Levi.

Overall, such a good read. I loved how sweet Levi could be and how Jordan was so determined. I loved their past history with each other and the female friendships and how they all stood by each other especially when the shit hit the fan. I really enjoy reading Kate Meader books, she's so great at character building and developing the friendship between the characters. I loved how we continue to see Remy and the OG Rebels.