ARC REVIEW Alpha's Promise by Rebecca Zanetti

Alpha's Promise (Dark Protectors #10)Dark Protectors #10, I enjoyed this one for the most part. I'm excited for the direction this is going, The Seven working with the Demon Nation and The Realm to stop the big bad from being released and destroying everything they hold dear. I like the side story with little Hope Kylwood and her friends. What I didn't like was the romance, not romance sex, I like Ivar and I like Promise I just didn't like them together or I should say when they got it on. I guess I'm just over the whole dominance thing, ya know been there done that now it just triggers me. But the actual story was great.

Dr. Promise Williams is just the scientist they have been looking for and she's an enhanced. She's someone who can figure out how the transporting works and figure out a way to bring home safely their missing brother. Ivar Kjeidsen demon vampire hybrid survived jumping through countless hell worlds before finally finding his way home and it just made him all the more determined to bring back his brother, Quade, before his world collapses, literally not figuratively, in fact the prison world they trapped their big bad on is colliding with Quade's world. It's crunch time and the Kurjans aren't helping matter because it's their religious figure they are trying to release so they will stop at nothing to prevent the Seven from completing their tasks.

I liked Promise, she's logical and everything is math and very analytical. Half the time I figured she was a high functioning autistic with how she was around other people but with the parents she had it's no wonder she's that way. She was rational and listened when it came to her own protection she is Sooo not the TSTL heroine, that is probably what I liked the most. I'm however getting bored with Grace and Adare's bickering I wish their book was next but no it's not, frustrated sigh. Overall, it was a good read. Not really meant to be a stand alone I would suggest at least starting at Vampire's Faith for this story arc.