ARC REVIEW Cowboy in Wolf's Clothing by Kait Ballenger

Cowboy in Wolf's Clothing (Seven Range Shifters #2)Seven Range Shifters #2, I liked this book about as much as I liked the first book, which really wasn't all that much. Once again I couldn't connect to the main character, Colt, even with his in depth backstory I ended up just pushing myself to the second half of the book. Belle was fine she was a little wimpy for my tastes, she's a born rogue and steers clear of packs, because packs hate rogues, and she got mixed up with the Wild Eight Pack due to her own insecurities and yet life by herself on her own and she can't defend herself, ehhhh, but she does have a backbone. I did believe the chemistry between them the strong physical attraction mixed with all their pheromones and them not wanting to act on it because of current circumstances but taking the risk anyways, well at least for one night because Colt's past and the secret he has kept from everyone in the pack.

I liked the second half of the book better, the first half aside from one or two fight scenes was really slow but the action and the suspense picked up a bit and the story has a better pace and kind of flows easier. The secondary characters I liked them, I think they were written better in this book than the first. This can be read as a stand alone, all the stuff you need to know is given. Overall, the story was good, even if it took a bit to get there. I always like it when the vampires are the bad guys. If the next book is going to be about who I think it going to be about, which Ballenger kinda teased, I'm looking forward to that one.