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ARC REVIEW Love on Lexington Avenue by Lauren Layne

Love on Lexington Avenue (The Central Park Pact Book 2)Central Park Pact #2, I'm happy we didn't have a very long wait for Claire's story. Claire, Aubrey, and Naomi all met when Claire's husband died, Aubrey's boyfriend died, and Naomi's lover died, unfortunately it was all the same man. Claire never knew he was cheating, she didn't find out until after he die. He never told Naomi he was married and he told Aubrey that they were in the process of a divorce. Claire felt betrayed in the worst way so scorned by her husband she said she would never marry again. A year after his death and her newfound friendship with Aubrey and Naomi, Claire is ready to start living her life again and kind of going through a midlife crisis, sort of. She realizes how boring her life was how everything is bland and she wants to change that she wants to be pink lemonade instead of vanilla.

Scott is the contractor Claire hires to do a complete reno of her brownstone, since it hadn't been updated since the seventies. Scott has long been jaded by the actions of his ex-fiancee and has had time to "get over it" he's also never in once place for too long always picking the international jobs. Claire's knows better than to start anything with him and not just because he's best friends with her best friend's boyfriend but he is definitely not her type, but then again.

Overall, another great story from Lauren Layne. Like so many of her other books this has great rom-com qualities, funny situations, quirky side characters, heated looks that lead to scenes that leave just enough to your imagination, and an absolutely adorable dog. I enjoyed the connection between Claire and Scott. I am also really looking forward to Aubrey and Clarke's book from the blurb it sounds like another winner.       


ARC REVIEW The Paris Orphan by Natasha Lester

The Paris OrphanA beautifully told story that sweeps you away to a time of war, a place where women struggled for equality. Photojournalist Jessica May sets out to photograph the war from a woman perspective, but what she got was a bunch of men  who thought the war was no place for a woman, unless you were a nurse. It took a year of hassle but finally women journalist were finally allowed on the front line. Jess attached herself to Dan Hallworth's battalion over the previous year they became good friends and he more than once help get her out of trouble and always treated her as an equal. Along with Dan and his men Jess also befriended Dan's adopted niece, Victorine. Victorine was orphaned and taken in by Dan's brother who died shortly after leaving Dan to take care of her the best way he could in the middle of a war. 

2004: D'Arcy Hallworth comes to France to organize and oversee the transportation of a famous anonymous photographer's collection for its first ever showing in Australia or anywhere else. D'Arcy was hand picked to do the job what D'Arcy finds are the published and unpublished works of her idol, a war time photographer who disappeared after the war and her connection to D'Arcy's mother and father; a history she never knew.

I loved Jess's story, it was beautifully told and so realistic. The historical elements, the atrocities of WWII are hard to fathom at times and it takes the photos and the stories which aren't always pleasant to hear about to remind up this actually happened. Natasha Lester captures that time frame and those events on the front line and military politics concerning women so well and throwing in real people adds to that. Jess and Dan's friendship blossoms into something beautiful and I absolutely loved their story. D'Arcy on the other hand I thought it seemed rushed. I didn't quite feel the connection between D'Arcy and Josh as much as I did Jess and Dan and the ending seemed very abrupt and I was a little disappointed with that. Overall, it's a brilliant story.      


ARC REVIEW Nothing To Fear by Juno Rushdan

Nothing to Fear (Final Hour #2)Final Hour #2, Picking up right where Every Last Breath left off this book would be better read if the first book was read prior to this one. They are separate stories with different protagonists leading the way but the big bad is the same and the past events are mentioned frequently and important. I loved this book! Juno Rushdan is so talented her suspense and action is exceptional, the romance between Gideon and Willow heartbreakingly good, and the book in general was a very satisfying read. From start to finish the books take hold of you and won't let go.

There is a mole in Gray Box, a super secret black ops organization that the higher ups are willing to just whitewash the whole thing and start over; that means kill who they can and discredit everyone else. Gray Box is running out of time to find the mole. Gideon Stone has taken it upon himself to shadow Willow Harper, he knows she's innocent he just needs an excuse to be close to her. But when new evidence is discovered it points right to Willow and there is only one thing Gideon can do to protect her until they find the evidence she needs to prove she's been framed, they run away.

Willow is a high functioning autistic, she's horrible in social situations but she can mimic people's reactions when needed to fit in doesn't mean she understand it she just knows that's what you do. Willow is also a genius when it comes to computers. Willow is confused when Gideon starts talking to her and showing interest in her when he walks her out to her car but is thankful if not a little embarrassed when he's there when her car's breaks fail and she almost dies. Willow is almost certain that now he knows about her autism that Gideon will leave her alone next thing she know Gideon is bolting out of Gray Box with her. Their only hope to find out who was really behind this is to follow the money. Along the way they give into their attraction but Gideon was married once before and she died because of him and no matter how much he's falling in love with Willow he can't do to her what he put his first wife through.

Overall, it's an outstanding book. Juno Rushdan has definitely become one of my must read authors.   


ARC REVIEW Wrapped in Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan

Wrapped in Ink (Montgomery Ink: Boulder, #1)Montgomery Ink: Boulder #1, More Montgomery cousins. Liam is the eldest of the Boulder cousins became a model at a young age, he also knew when to retire from that lifestyle he has since become the famous L.M. Berry an action adventure/sci-fi-ish writer. Arden Brady has been living with Lupus since she was young and since her unpredictable illness may flare up at any time she got into a job that allows her to work from home and from bed if the occasion calls for it, she is a professional researcher for authors and also writes and maintains series "bible" helping them keep track of everything pertaining to their book series. Liam and Arden meet at the hospital, Arden is suffering from a flare up and Liam saved his sister from an accident at a wedding. Despite not looking her best Liam and Arden still flirted and ended up with Arden giving Liam her phone number. Liam finds out something that changes his whole world, he feels like his whole life has been a lie. It was pure happenstance or just plain fate that Liam and Arden ran into each other a couple weeks later and have coffee together turns out they have quite a bit in common, for instance Arden does research for his books.

 Arden deals with her attraction to Liam and fears that this relationship will be just like her other one and leave her heart broken she tries to keep herself distant from him, it doesn't help that he's sweet and kind and even her three very overprotective brothers like him. Liam, after finding out the truth, is dealing with an existential crisis. Arden was just supposed to be a distraction to get his mind off his family and his book but the more he becomes attached the harder time he has dealing with it, he can't even figure out what his characters are doing. Liam has to figure things out one at a time before all the pieces come together and if Arden lets her heart open to him and lets go of her fears.

Overall, another lovely, emotional, sexy story from Carrie Ann Ryan. I loved Liam and Arden. Liam and his identity crisis and Arden's battle with her own body and her mind and them falling in love such a good read. AND Arden's brother are getting their own series eventually YAY!


ARC REVIEW How to Love a Duke in Ten Days by Kerrigan Byrne

How To Love A Duke in Ten Days (Devil You Know, #1)Devil You Know #1, The first book by this author I read was the end of the Victorian Rebels series catching that one at the end, and really liking it, I made sure I caught this series at the beginning. From the first page this book pulls you in it emotionally ties you the the three young ladies (at the time) when a traumatic experience binds them together for life. Alexandra, Cecelia, and Francesca bonded in boarding school they were rambunctious girls who formed a group just for them The Red Rogues and gave themselves nicknames and pretended what it would be like if they were men. When they left school they knew each other's darkest secrets, Including the truth about Francesca and her family which she has vowed to find and punish whoever killed them. Fast forward ten years Alex has a doctorate in archeology, Cecilia is a mathematical genius and Francesca has continued her search for her parents killers which may have just lead to the Duke of Redmayne's door.

Piers Atherton, Duke of Redmayne, was a great hunter going off to all sorts of places hunting for the sport of it until a jaguar caught him by surprise and left him with a claw mark on the side of his face; a wound he almost didn't recover from. Upon his return he finds his fiance married his cousin after some time Piers knows he needs to marry to fulfill his duty as duke so he re-establishes an old marriage contract between Francesca's Father and his. But when Francesca's best friends arrive he's completely taken with Alexandra. Alexandra is being blackmailed for what happened at school and her family is going bankrupt when she offers herself up to Piers instead of Francesca in exchange her parents get the bride payment. Piers agrees as long as Francesca does too and the next day they are married and off to spend their honeymoon in Paris at an archaeological dig Pier's cousin setup to to excavate the ruins of what might be an ancestor of the Redmayne line. But things only get more complicated as it becomes clear someone is trying to assassinate either Piers or Alex and when Piers discovers Alex isn't a virgin he thinks the worst of her when his accusations couldn't be further from the truth.       

Overall, the intrigue and the romance together make this book just so good! Piers is so aggravating at times so oblivious to what's right in front of him. Alex is so strong but yet vulnerable at the same time. I loved these two and the mystery of the blackmail and the assassination attempts really keeps you hooked. I love the epilogue and tease about Cecelia can't wait for the next book. 


ARC REVIEW Wolf Instinct by Paige Tyler

Wolf Instinct (SWAT Book 9) SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #9, wow, book nine already. Out earlier this summer if you haven't the chance yet I highly recommend this series. Throughout the book the SWAT has discovered they not alone, between the Omegas and the Betas but now they discover so much more, the shifters aren't the only paranormal out there. There is a continuing story arc but each of the book is a stand alone you can read it just by itself but really these books are quick and easy to read and so good it worth reading all of them.

The sexy former SAS Brit, Zane, and some of the others go to L.A. to track down the one who betrayed the pack. Zane is slowly recovering from the poisoned bullet that nearly cost him his arm, he's not sure he'll ever get back to full strength but that's not going to stop him from catching the SOB who was behind the attack in the last book. FBI Special Agent Alyssa Carson is part of a unit that technically doesn't exist. She's in L.A. following a lead on a missing persons and the connection to an exsanguinated body. Alyssa has seen some weird stuff but she is in no way prepared for meeting Zane, the hunters and all the other weird stuff L.A. has in store for them.

Overall, it's an exciting read. Excellent action, sweet and hot romance, wonderfully developed characters with the right amount of angst and witty banter. 


ARC REVIEW Cowboy Up by Stacy Finz

Cowboy Up (Dry Creek Ranch #1) Dry Creek Ranch #1, New series I'm so happy. This was a good read, just like so any other Finz stories you have witty banter, complex characters with enough baggage in their past and present to make them interesting, quirky side characters, and hunky cowboys. This is a great start to the series with wonderful character introductions and vague background on the other two cousins who live on Dry Creek Ranch.

Jace, Sawyer, and Cash are cousins who inherited the ranch from their grandfather, the Ranch was already starting to go belly up when they got it now they are arguing about keeping it or selling the main bulk of the land off. Jace and Sawyer are against it Cash on the other hand is being realistic about the three of them running the ranch. Jace who is also Sheriff with two boys, Sawyer who is also a writer, and Cash former FBI and just recently moved to one of the cabin on the property. He needs to fix up the cabin to liveable conditions because he just found out he has a daughter, Ellie, from a one night stand 12 years ago. 

Across the creek from Cash's cabin is another cabin which is occupied by one of Jace's best friends, Aubrey, who walked out on her fiance two weeks before the wedding. Aubrey is now the town pariah, apparently her ex-fiancee is covered in teflon because shit don't stick to him it's "all her fault" and now rumors are going around that her and Jace had an affair and that's why she left. Aubrey isn't telling the truth about what really happened because she doesn't want to hurt a very dear friend who came back from his military service without his legs, the truth that his wife was the one cheating with Aubrey's fiance and she caught them. Aubrey is having to deal with snide remarks, vandalism, and clients canceling jobs. 

Aubrey and Cash don't start off on the right foot but soon he has her coming over to help decorate his daughter's new room to make her feel more at home in her new home. While Aubrey and Cash do this slow seduction friends to lovers thing Cash is also trying to build a relationship with a preteen Ellie who thinks he never wanted her in the first place and keeps thinking that she will be going back to Boston. There is also some funny business going on around town that has pulled in Cash to help investigate.

Overall, another great story from Stacy Finz. I liked the romance between Cash and Aubrey and the building of a relationship between father and daughter. I look forward to the other books in the series.


ARC REVIEW The Aussie Next Door by Stefanie London

The Aussie Next DoorPatterson's Bluff #1, I've never read Stefanie London before now and let me tell you it was like a change of scenery. Normally when there is an Aussie in books they move to the US in this it's flipped the American is the transplant. Told in alternating first person the narratives are clear, you definitely can tell who's narrating at the time. I love that she tackled the autism spectrum, Jace is a high functioning what use to be referred to as Asperger Syndrome. He likes his schedule but every now and then his mom will shake things up for him like at the beginning of the book where she volunteers him to dog sit two very different dogs, and aging GSD and a younger hyper Chihuahua. It's bad enough Jace's new tenant breaks his schedule as it is but now dogs.

Angie fell in love with Patterson's Bluff, she had been all around Australia and even though she loved the whole country Patterson's Bluff called out to her as home. Angie's Visa is expiring and it's too late to file for an extension she's desperate to stay, but no so desperate that she'd marry the smarmy lawyer, but it does give her an idea. Angie doesn't just want to get married she wants to fall in love and get married in three months.

Jace didn't realize how much he enjoyed having Angie in his life until he knew she was going to be leaving. Sure he knew he was attracted to her but after a disastrous engagement he was hesitant to feel any of those feelings again, but the thought of Angie falling in love with anyone but him sent nervous butterflies through his gut and upset him. Angie would have asked Jace first but when she previously asked about marriage he rejected the notion of marriage so emphatically she never even bothered to ask him, so he asks her. Jace offers a thirty day engagement and if they can work it out they will go through the marriage. But they have so much baggage and insecurities between the two of them and even though they were having fun at first it's only a matter of time before one of them snaps.

Overall, I really did enjoy this read. I loved Jace and his whole family. Angie and Jace balance each other out perfectly the sexual tension between them was well done and their romance was emotional and so funny at the same time. It was really nice for a change to have a book take place in Australia. The writing was fun and those dogs so freakin' cute.  


ARC REVIEW Kiss Me in Sweetwater Springs by Annie Rains


Kiss Me in Sweetwater Springs: A Sweetwater Springs short storySweetwater Springs #2.5, Paris moved to Sweetwater Springs looking for a home, he once lived there as a child and was being bounced from different foster homes every couple of months. His foster parents were stern but welcoming and loving it was the only place that felt like home and Paris was looking for that again after his nasty divorce and maybe reconnect with his former foster parents. Lacy was born and raised in Sweetwater Springs and had the worst high school experience. Despite this she still loved her hometown and moved back after college and became the towns librarian. Lacy is determined not to go to her reunion she doesn't want to relive her past but between her family and friends she halfway to changing her mind and if she could claim she was dating someone like Paris then maybe her old classmates might see her differently now. Lacy makes Paris a deal be her date for her reunion and she'll help him connect to the cantankerous old man his foster father became.

Overall, a short and sweet story I very much enjoyed. Both Lacy and Paris deal with past hurts and learn to love each other. They really are good for each other; the tattooed bad boy image Paris puts off riding his motorcycle and the shy bookish Lacy bring out the best in each other. I am glad Paris got his HEA I fell in love with his character from the first book. This can be read as a stand alone told from a third person POV. Annie Rains packs a punch with this novella, humor and romance with plenty of heartfelt emotion.   


RELEASE BLITZ Unworthy by A.K. Evans




Title: Unworthy
Series: Cunningham Security #6
Author: A.K. Evans
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
with a touch of suspense
Release Date: August 27, 2019


Sometimes your first love needs a second chance…

A boy from the wrong side of the tracks, Trent Michaels never cared what anyone thought of him. That is, until the girl he fell in love with broke his heart in the worst way possible.

Delaney Rogers knows she made the biggest mistake of her life when she allowed Trent to walk away from her. So, when Trent unknowingly rescues her baby fifteen years later, Delaney’s relieved she’ll finally have the chance to make things right.

The only problem is that Trent can’t bear to look at the woman he loved and lost. The woman who now realizes just how much damage she’s done.

Following a series of accidental encounters, Trent soon realizes that everything is not as it seems. And Delaney is hoping for a second chance to prove that it wasn’t him who was unworthy.

It was her.



Another fabulous addition to the Cunningham Security series. Compared to the rest of the series this is a pretty easy romance there wasn't a lot of suspense, there could have been and I kept waiting for it to happen but everything was resolved peacefully, or somewhat peacefully. Most of the issues are internal conflict dealing with past mistakes, regrets, and forgiveness.

Delaney and Trent were each others first loves, the beginning of the books we see them meet, fall in love, and ultimately fall apart. A decade and a half later and they find themselves back in each others lives again. Delaney is going through a messy divorce and has a seven month old child, Tate. After Trent finds out what really happened all those years ago nothing is going to keep him from finally getting his HEA with Delaney.

Trent and Delaney have two physical obstacles, her soon-to-be-ex husband and her father, as well as the very big obstacle of Delaney herself, mentally anyways. It was a good quick read that can be read as a stand alone and is told in alternating first person POV. I wish it had a bit more suspense to it like some of her previous books, because A.K. Evans is really good with the added suspense. But this series is definitely I would, and have, recommended to friends.   

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Author Bio
A.K. Evans is a married mother of two boys residing in a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania, where she graduated from Lafayette College in 2004 with two degrees (one in English and one in Economics & Business). Following a brief stint in the insurance and financial services industry, Evans realized the career was not for her and went on to manage her husband’s performance automotive business. She even drove the shop’s race cars! Looking for more personal fulfillment after eleven years in the automotive industry, Andrea decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer.
While Andrea continues to help administratively with her husband’s businesses, she spends most of her time writing and homeschooling her two boys. When she finds scraps of spare time, Evans enjoys reading, doing yoga, watching NY Rangers hockey, dancing, and vacationing with her family. Andrea, her husband, and her children are currently working on taking road trips to visit all 50 states (though, Alaska and Hawaii might require flights).
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ARC REVIEW Good Guy by Kate Meader

Good Guy (Rookie Rebels, #1)Rookie Rebels #1, Yay Kate Meader!!! I am happy there are more Rebels, I love Kate Meader's books.

Levi Hunt truly is a good guy a former Green Beret a talented hockey play who could have gone pro but instead enlisted when he got out despite his age NHL and the Rebels called. All Levi wanted to do was leave his life the Special Forces behind him, he didn't want a lot of publicity only doing the obligatory interviews when needed, but then the bosses tell him a reporter is going to be following him around for a profile piece. Jordan Cooke loved Josh but she had put her life on hold for him when she married him and she can't spent her life grieving so she decided to finally live the life she wanted. She's making her way up the sports media chain with her podcast growing in popularity she's even been asked to fill in for the hockey writer on a larger network, all she has to do is follow Levi Hunt around for a month. It should have been an easy job, and the only way she got the job was because her history with Levi but the last time they saw each other Jordan had just buried her husband.

Jordan always assumed Levi didn't like her little did she know Levi has been half way in love with her since the moment he saw her, which happened to be moments before Josh did. Levi tries to avoid her but she still manages to insert herself into his life even uncovering the secrets he would rather remain hidden. The sexual tension builds until finally they both give in but with Jordan's reputation on the line they agree to keep it secret until after the article is published. But misogyny runs rampant when another sports reporter sabotages Jordan to the point where it not only damages her integrity as a reporter but also her relationship with Levi.

Overall, such a good read. I loved how sweet Levi could be and how Jordan was so determined. I loved their past history with each other and the female friendships and how they all stood by each other especially when the shit hit the fan. I really enjoy reading Kate Meader books, she's so great at character building and developing the friendship between the characters. I loved how we continue to see Remy and the OG Rebels.         


ARC REVIEW A Highlander Walks Into a Bar by Laura Trentham

A Highlander Walks into a Bar (Highland, Georgia, #1)Highland, Georgia #1, This book was so enjoyable! All the characters not just the main ones were memorable; I'm glad this is the start of a series I already can't wait to read everyone else's story. I love reading Laura Trentham she has a great narrative voice and is so funny, her romance slow burning building the sexual tension between them until they are combustible and with a heartfelt and sweet ending that leaves me wanting more. I fell in love with Highland, Georgia it sounds like a wonderful place to live; except the humidity would probably kill me in the summer.

Rose and Isabel Buchanan love their hometown. Rose married into one of the founding families and after her husband died she kept his spirit and his love for the town alive by continuing on with his favorite time of the year, the Highland Games. Izzy loves this place just as much as her mother and she has fully accepted that her life will always be in Highland. Izzy usually trusts her mother's judgement so it blindsides her  when Rose comes back from her Scotland trip with more than just a scarf and earrings as souvenirs. The man her mother brought home to help organize the games could be after their land or money, but her mother is infatuated it's up to Izzy to keep things in check.

Alasdair Blackmoor use to be close to his uncle, Gareth, but that was before his father died and the truth came out. Alasdair hasn't seen his uncle since he was eighteen so when his mother calls him and tells him he needs to go to America to bring home his uncle before the American woman swindles away his inheritance he goes to appease his mother. He never expected to find a home away from home, his uncle the happiest he's ever seen, and the feisty and beautiful Isabel. Everything smooths out for the most part Rose has Gareth and Alasdair has Izzy and they are happy and the preparations for the games are going well but Gareth and Alasdair are hiding something from the girls; a big secret that can ruin both their relationships. 

Overall, such a joy to read. I laughed, I cried, I fell in love and with the epilogue teasing the next character's book I'm excited and can't wait for it. 


ARC REVIEW Spectre by Shiloh Walker

SpectreYay! Reading Shiloh Walker makes me happy. Spectre is a stand alone, although I do hope Tia's brother will get his own story eventually, told in the third person but switches focus between Tia and Meric. I love the characters in this book. Meric "Spectre" was raised to be a killer, his father was ruthless and if Meric hadn't of killed him at the age of 14 Meric would be a soulless and ruthless as his father. Sarge found him shortly after and saved Meric and while Meric still grew up to be an assassin Sarge fine tuned his skills and taught Meric to trust and have morals and rules. Even after Sarge died Meric never strayed from his own rules so when Boston mob boss and leader of a white slavery ring offers him a job to kill the sister of the cop who busted his brother Meric knows he's not going to take the job band unless he does does something someone else will.

Tia had a difficult childhood with a irrational mother who hated her and after she died was left to an Aunt who clearly hated her too. Tia always knew she was different from everyone else and everyone else made it clear she wasn't "normal". It wasn't until she was older that she was diagnosed with high-functioning autism, Aspergers. It took Tia a while to find her "normal" but she likes her life now with her best friend and her brother, even though he lives in another state, and her job teaching painting to kids who are just like her.

Spectre knows the only way to keep Tia safe is to remove her from the playing field; after all you can't kill what you can't find so he kidnaps her. But he was smart enough and observant enough to realize the transition and move would be easier for her with familiar things so he brings her dog, and art supplies and with how organized she is it was easy to pack clothes and toiletries. I love that he cared enough to do this that he understood that it mattered. Tia is scared and confused at first but when Spectre explains to her what's happening and when she gets proof she's more cooperative. I love that they are both blunt they are straight forward with their emotions and fears their was no whining and hemming and hawing, and I love Meric's solution.

Overall, this was a great read. The action is intense and the romance is hot, with some light bondage play. The story as a whole was fantastic, I love Shiloh Walker's writing she writes and I completely become immersed in the story and invested in the characters. If you are new to Shiloh Walker she does tend to get graphic, one reason I love her, as the Warning that is attached to the blurb says Warning: This isn’t a snuggly, comfy read. The male MC is a hired killer, while the heroine is neuro-atypical. Some dark material is involved—the hero kidnaps the heroine. There’s also violence when he goes on a rampage against those who put a contract on her. Also references of abuse (not against the heroine). Also very graphic, erotic scenes with minor bondage play.     


ARC REVIEW All Roads Lead to You by Jennifer Probst

All Roads Lead to You (Stay, #3)Stay #3, The third and youngest Bishop sibling has met her match. I love this series it was so emotional and heartwarming with Jennifer Probst fusion of humor all three books are such great reads. I had high hopes for this one and it was definitely was worth the wait.

Harper Bishop has been the black sheep of the Bishop family always preferring animals over other people with a soft heart when it comes to abandoned and abused animals. When she found a spirited black racehorse who'd been abused both Harper and her brother knew the horse was something special. Aidan O'Connor is looking for a new start after a backstabbing of both the professional and personal nature he's looking for something that will prove he's better than his old business partner. With no luck of finding the right horse yet his visit to the Robin's Nest B&B was suppose to be a vacation but then he met Harper and her horse Phoenix.

Aidan's vacation turned into a working holiday when he offers to train Phoenix. Harper is hesitant about accepting the offer but Aidan is who he says he is and if he believes he can train Phoenix and win why not let him try. Their working relationship has the undercurrent of lust. Both finding each other attractive but Harper is hesitant about this too, for reasons of her own she doesn't take things a face value, she always doubts people's motives. The more time she spends with Aidan the more she get to know him and the fact that he plans on leaving she agrees to a discreet affair. But the closer they work together the more the attraction grows into something more. But Aidan hasn't admitted something from his past and it could potentially ruin what he has going on with both Harper and with training Phoenix.

Overall, I really really enjoyed this one. Hei Hei as usual is his crazy little chicken self and with a new addition of the adorable goat Captain Hoof it adds nicely to their menagerie. The romance as always was great, the dynamic between Harper and Aidan is wonderful and the chemistry was pretty smokin' too.     


ARC REVIEW Search and Destroy by Julie Rowe

Search and DestroyOutbreak Task Force #4, I love this series! So far all the books can be read as a standalone this book picks up right after the events of book three and even though I have read it it took me part of chapter one to reacquaint myself with the characters and the situation but then again I saw this arc up for grabs and I grabbed it didn't read the blurb or anything it was book four I had to have it so I went into this completely blind as to who the main characters were going to be. There is an overall story arc that links all the books together but each book is independent from the others. There is quite a bit of mention of the events in the last books but I don't think enough to get the reader lost.

The main characters of this one, head of the Outbreak Task Force Dr. Carmen Rodriguez and the Homeland Security liaison John Dozer. The benefit of reading the previous books is that you can tell there is something between the two of them but it never lets on to what it is, the way the acted in situations you could tell they cared about each other. Carmen was a wunderkind she finished medical school at 19 after that is when she first met John Dozer in Afghanistan. For Dozer it was instantaneous; the attraction, the respect he knew without a doubt this brilliant beautiful woman was for him but after their life and death situation she just walked away and he didn't see her again until the formation of the Outbreak Task Force.   

Due the the events of the last book Dozer is on medical leave but due to an outbreak of the measles in Florida that the terrorist group FAFO is behind he's not leaving Carmen without protection, especially since the FAFO has targeted them specifically. The FAFO is now doing more than just infecting people they have attempted to bomb one of the hospitals and and airplane causing even more widespread panic it's scary enough that this weaponized strain of the measles is spreading quickly across the US. Carmen and Dozer have a lot on their plates with the outbreak, a mole, and dodging would-be-assassins but they also manage to deal with their past and what went wrong and fall in love all over again.

Overall, this was intense. Reading this series always makes me want to rewatch Outbreak. I love the narration and the characters, intense action and drama, hot romance, seriously I love everything about this book. I can't wait until the next book because the overall story arc was left open ended for more books (fist pump) and I really hope it's Henry's book next. 


ARC REVIEW The Boyfriend Collector by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

In case you missed it....
From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes 
The Boyfriend Collector.
Find Mr. Right in 30 days? Challenge accepted.
Treated like a servant in her own home, twenty-year-old Rose Marie Hale can’t stop dreaming of her next birthday. It’s the day she’ll inherit a fortune, break free from her cruel family, and finally start living her life—finish school, travel, find love. After a lifetime of hardship, it’s all she’s ever wanted. But when Rose discovers she must marry before her twenty-first birthday to claim the money, she has no choice but to push herself out into the world in search of a man she can love and trust.

Unfortunately, those are the very things that have been used as weapons against her. With only a month to go, can she find true love? Or will her past hold her back, leaving her penniless and alone? (Part One of Two)


From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes 
The Boyfriend Collector Book 2.
My name is Dr. Bex Hughes, and like many men, I am in love with Rose Marie Hale. Her fire and beauty leave us speechless and dropping to her feet wherever she goes. Truly, she is the perfect woman in every way. Except one.
Rose was once a real-life Cinderella, but now she’s wealthy, single, and free. Only, she’s not. Free, that is. Rose is convinced that love is used to hurt people, family tries to murder you for money, and no one can be trusted. It’s all she’s ever known.
I can help Rose find her way to real happiness, but to do it, I am bending every rule I’ve ever lived by and seeing her as my patient. A taboo in the eyes of the world. A professional sin in mine.
The question is, how much longer can I stand listening to the details of Rose’s romances with other men? My jealously is getting the best of me, and I can’t afford to lose our fragile connection.
(Part Two of Two)


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The Boyfriend Collector continues right where it left off. Yes, I would recommend reading the first book first. While this isn't my favorite of Mimi's books it's still really good and it's so refreshing to have a character like Bex. The emotions and the feels are all there, Mimi's usual twisted humor as well. I think Waylon deserves his own spinoff. It was a good read an excellent conclusion to the story.  


About the Author

MIMI JEAN PAMFILOFF is a New York Times bestselling author who’s sold over one million books around the world. Although she obtained her MBA and worked for more than fifteen years in the corporate world, she believes that it’s never too late to come out of the romance closet and follow your dreams. Mimi lives with her Latin lover hubby, two pirates-in-training (their boys), and their three spunky dragons (really, just very tiny dogs with big attitudes) Snowy, Mini, and Mack, in the vampire-unfriendly state of Arizona. She hopes to make you laugh when you need it most and continues to pray daily that leather pants will make a big comeback for men.
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