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ARC REVIEW Texas Reckless by Gerry Bartlett

Texas Reckless (Lone Star #3)Lone Star Suspense #3, Only connected through characters each book in this series is a stand alone. Rhett Hall came to Texas to check on his sister and decided to stay a while hoping to find some inspiration for his next book. Unfortunately the tattoo artist he had been seeing breaks it off with him, in a bad mood with a need to just drive to see more of Texas so he rents a car and does just that. But somewhere outside Austin a ways driving way to fast he hits a deer and wrecks his rental and ends up in the middle of a mystery surrounding a ranch and it's beautiful owner.

Sierra MacKenzie has enough issues with her ranch she doesn't need some city slicker coming in and making her feel all gooey inside like Rhett does. She shouldn't be trusting him as easily as she does but something about him is trustworthy and he's proven he can be. Someone has been cutting her fencing, poisoning her cattle, and now they burned down her horse barn. She knows the company who wants to build a huge development on her land so they can have highway access is behind it all she just can't prove it. But after the horse barn she calls in her hot shot attorney brother and between the three of them they can figure out what's going on and who, local, is behind all the incidents and hopefully tie it all to the big developer. Meanwhile the chemistry between Sierra and Rhett runs hot, and they both give into to temptation.

Overall, it was a fantastic read. It was an exciting non stop page turning story that had me hooked from the beginning. I loved the characters and the situation they found themselves in and how they got out of it. I kind of hope Dylan MacKenzie gets a book now.       


ARC REVIEW The Intended Victim by Alexandra Ivy

The Intended Victim (The Agency #4)The Agency #4, A standalone, the main characters in this one is brother to the main character in the previous book but that is where the connection ends. Ash Marcel was a Chicago PD Detective until his partner mysteriously disappeared, with the amount of blood left at the scene they all assumed he was dead, and his relationship to his partner's daughter/fiancee ended, now he's a professor. Five years ago Chicago was plagued by a serial killer the press named The Butcher, but after an unsuccessful attack on Remi Walsh and the disappearance/death of her father the murders stopped. Remi was never the same after that. Now, five years later Ash's brother Chicago PD Detective Jax Marcel walks into this classroom telling him The Butcher is back and Remi is dead, only it's not Remi she just looks almost identical to her.

Ash knows it's only a matter of time before The Butcher goes after Remi again and figures he's the best person to protect her. Not just because she's in danger and she's the daughter of his old partner but because he still loves her. Remi still loves Ash also but she's worried things won't go back to the way they were. As Ash and Remi dig into the old files and try to figure out what they missed all those years ago Jax investigates the recent murders.

Overall, it was a great read. It was an intense and interesting read with a good mystery and a nice second chance romance. I really liked Ash and Remi they are a good pair. I do hope Jax is next to get his own story.     


ARC REVIEW Instacrush by Kate Meader

Instacrush (Rookie Rebels #2)Rookie Rebels #2, It was kind hard not to have a crush on Super Glutes Theo Kershaw. From his outgoing personality to his comeback career, Theo is a loveable guy. He's the kind of guy who likes making other people smile and he loves to connect with his fans. Elle Butler is pretty much in limbo after getting out of the Army, she's learned to keep people at a distance. Elle loves her family but she doesn't like them very much, except maybe her sister but there are things in her past better left forgotten. Staying with her old Army buddy Levi is just temporary until she figures out what she wants to do, it doesn't help that Levi's neighbor is the incredibly sexy, irritatingly friendly Theo but she can't help but watch his live Instagram posts. As sexy as Theo is Elle still gets annoyed with him, or maybe it's because she finds him so sexy and friendly that pisses her off but over Christmas one thing lead to another and they spend the weekend in bed together.

Theo thinks Elle is special, he has even told his grandmother about her but Elle keeps her distance. Even after they find out she's pregnant with his kid she tries to keep him at arms distance. Theo thinks she's ashamed of him but she's doing it for his own protection, protection from her family. Elle's not the only one with family drama Theo's birth father has been trying to reconnect but Theo is not sure he's worth the effort especially when his father's family paid his mom off. Theo and Elle have a lot to work out between his family and her and their feeling for each other.

Overall, I loved Theo and Elle. Kate Meader has yet to write a book I didn't enjoy. Her style is so much fun to read, with the right amount of angst balanced with humor and romance and some pretty steamy scenes between Theo and Elle it was such a great read. It was nice to catch up of some of the older Rebels and all the hints at the next books and their sexy Rebels. 


ARC REVIEW My One and Only Cowboy by A.J. Pine

My One and Only Cowboy (Meadow Valley, #1)Meadow Valley Ranch #1, A nice start to the series. A.J. Pine delivers yet another wonderful story. Sam Callahan his younger brother Ben and their friend Colt all chipped in and bought Meadow Valley Ranch a sort of B&B Ranch. Sam and Ben choose Meadow Valley, California because the close proximity to their Dad's care facility. After two years they are still trying to get into the black when Delaney Harper shows up saying her ex-husband forged her signature and sold the ranch without her permission. Delaney wasn't going to leave town until this got figured out but with the whole town being shut down for the festival she was stuck for over a week and then she crashed her car and ended up stranded at the ranch. Sam who was fascinated with her from the start offers that she stay at the ranch, not one to take advantage she offers to work in exchange. No stranger to hard work Delaney starts right in and she offers help with advertising at the festival she was able to give the guys ideas they hadn't thought of yet. Delaney is no stranger to the hospitality business either after growing up in her parents hotel in Las Vegas. Delaney had bigger dreams she went to school to be a vet tech and had originally bought the ranch to open up an animal rescue and saw that dream disappear when she found out the ranch had sold.

Sam and Delaney start off shaky but soon give into their sexual attraction. A steamy romance that also deals with Sam and Ben's relationship with their father and sets up what I hope is Ben's story. With a bit of action thrown into it at the end makes the whole story a nice read. Overall, well written with memorable characters and one very sweet dog.


ARC REVIEW A Lady's Past by A.S. Fenichel

A Lady's Past (Everton Domestic Society, #4)Everton Domestic Society #4, I have enjoyed the entire series so far, they can be read as standalones. The Everton Domestic Society prides itself on finding the right woman for the job needed. Jacques Laurent has seen the proof of the good the employment agency for Ladies does so when he sees a Lady stranded on the side of the road obviously running from something he recommends her going to Everton. Reluctantly Diana goes but only after confiding in Lady Jane the nature of her past that she felt safe enough in staying. Lady Jane even set up a job in Diana's prefered subject, chemistry; with a footman/guard and no one else knowing Diana's true past she started to feel a little safe.

Jacques was deceived once before by his fiancee and it has jaded him, he finds it hard to trust again but in the three weeks since he met Diana she was never far from his thoughts. Imagine his surprise when he goes to his friend/investment, inventor Francis Edgebrook, and finds he has hired an Everton Lady as his assistant, Diana to be exact. There is something about Diana that calls to him, he knows she's in danger but he would rather remove the obstacle than risk never seeing her again. It's a good thing he's got friends in high places. He works hard to earn Diana's trust and her love.

Overall, it was a great read. I love all the characters. You have no idea how long I have waited for a story where the characters are called Jack and Diane, this is the closest I've gotten yet. It's a beautifully written romance with enough intrigue to keep it interesting and humor and angst in all the right places.      

ARC REVIEW My Darling Duke by Stacy Reid

My Darling Duke (Sinful Wallflowers, #1)Sinful Wallflowers #1, The Sinful Wallflowers are a group of young ladies on the cusp of becoming "old maids" and they have decided that they are finally going to do something wicked and truly sinful before becoming unmarriageable. First up we have Katherine Danvers, the daughter of a Viscount who five years previously died and left an annual stipend for the family but with a stingy heir the money is running low and since this is going to be her fourth season with no prospects she must do something drastic to help her sisters and her mother even if it means sacrificing her own future. After sending a letter to the gossip columnist stating she is to marry a reclusive Duke who hasn't been seen in almost ten years has made Kitty Danvers the talk of the ton but more importantly it opened certain doors for her and her marriageable sisters.

Even after ten years Alexander Master, Duke of Thornton, is still considered one of the most eligible bachelors but he doesn't concern himself with matters of the ton. After the terrible accident that left him scarred and at times wheelchair bound he has given up any thought to such things and given up hope of ever marrying. Alex never paid attention to the rumors about him until suddenly he has a fiancee, he isn't concerned with it at first but the more he reads the fascinated he becomes and he decides that a trip to London is warranted.
Alex isn't even angry and when he meets Kitty for the first time he knows he needs more. Letting her carry on with the lie and understanding why she did it were easy but he wanted something in return from her time away from London without a chaperone until his fascination with her wanes. Reluctantly she agrees and arranges with her mother to be out in the country taking care of a sick aunt. Her time in Scotland with Alex, his sister and his cousin was eye opening; their feelings grew and soon it was love but Alex is a hard one and his stubbornness might be the end of it.

Overall, it was a great story I'm having a hard time trying to decide 4 or 5 stars. It was wonderfully written and the characters were all well done. I have a feeling the second book is going to run parallel with this one. I really like the Beauty and the Beast similarities, it is kind of a retelling and a nicely done one too. I look forward to the rest of the series.  


ARC REVIEW Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn

Love LetteringA slow burn romance and a witty story. It starts off a little rocky for both Cara and Reid, a year ago he was a client there to get handwritten everything from Cara but the engagement fell through and so here they are a secret message in the program and an admittance that he hates New York. Cara has a big opportunity but she is drawing a blank and her best friend, Sibby, has been pulling away from her slowly over the months and Cara is at a loss of what to do. Cara and Sibby use to walk the streets of NYC and point out all the hand drawn signs it is what inspired Cara to do what she does. Cara would prefer someone walk with her, for safety and just because she's lonely; she thinks of Reid and his passing comment about not seeing the right signs and although she knows that he meant metaphorically she wants to show him the city through her eyes. The first outing didn't go well but Reid apologized in the best way possible that showed he really was listening to her. From then on they had a easy friendship that turned into something more.   

Overall, it was a fulfilling story from start to finish. Cara imagines certain words in certain fonts and I can just imagine in my head floating around the person as they spoke. I have to say they have a great first kiss, swoon. It is a slow burn a bunch of little things happen before the big things and it's just Cara and Reid getting to know each other and us getting to know them. I liked the bit at the end it was unexpected and really cemented their relationship. It was wonderfully written the description and imagery with the letters was beautifully done. It's a great way to either start your year or end it.


ARC REVIEW Risk It All by Katie Ruggle

Risk It All (Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters #2)Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters #2, This was such a fun read. I like that it gives you a brief recap at the beginning of the book to catch you up if you haven't read the first one or just a refresher if you have. Cara is not a skip trace like her other sisters she prefers the research when she's not studying to become a teacher but with the crap going on with her mom and two of her sisters concentrating their efforts on finding her she tries to help out unfortunately she just gets herself into danger. Accused murder Henry Kavenski is the skip she decides will bring in enough money to help support the family, but she soon realizes she is in way over her head and decides to drop it for one a little less violent crime related but even then it turns out not to be as easy as she thinks.

Henry spots Cara her first day of following him and when he catches her trying to break in to his hotel room he thinks she's properly scared off but when she accidentally sits down at his booth in a sleazy bar tracking someone else down he warns her that there is more to that case than she thinks. Following her to return something as inconsequential as a bottle of aspirin may not have been smart but he had to make sure she dropped looking for the other skip. In doing so he might have just put her in more danger.

Cara gets kidnapped and thankfully Henry shows up when he did and saves her even if they end up driving the car off the road and have to trek two day through the cold mountains before they get to a town all the while dodging bad guys. Overall, it was a great read. I loved the twist at the end, I was hoping it would be something like that and I'm glad the story worked out the way it did. Katie Ruggle is an auto buy for me as soon as I see the paperback in the store it goes in my cart. I always enjoy her characters, Cara is sweet and stronger than she thinks, Henry is a strong silent type (my favorite). Ruggle ties humor in so well with the action. The entire story was enjoyable. 


ARC REVIEW A Cowboy Like You by Donna Grant


A Cowboy Like You (Heart of Texas #4)

Heart of Texas #4, Finally Danny Oldman!!! You can always count on Danny to be there to help, he loves helping people and that's one reason he went into law enforcement and became Sheriff. He's played a pivotal role in the last three books now it's time for him to finally get his HEA. I love Donna Grant's Contemporary Western and throw in a bit of suspense and I'm in hog heaven. I inhaled this book from start to finish I did nothing but read this book for the whole day because I could not tear myself away from it.

Danny is dedicated to his job he loves it and the people of his county, but that doesn't stop him from being lonely. Especially since his best friend got to marry the perfect woman and has great kids. Danny has never let go of feelings for the one girl he never asked out in high school. Skylar Long never let anyone get really close no one ever compared to her high school crush. She finally did settle on Matt, a guy she thought was good but she found out after they moved in together that he was psychotic. After the third month she got the courage to leave just getting in her car and driving not realizing she was headed back to her hometown until she crossed the county line. Luck was with Skylar that night not just driving to her hometown like it was a beacon calling her home but because when she finally did stop and Matt caught up with her Danny was right there to witness the initial assault and arrest Matt.

Finally reunited after all those years Danny tries to stay professional but neither Skylar or him are willing to lose another minute apart. Unfortunately Matt comes from a very rich family that will stop at nothing to keep their family name clean even if that means letting their son get away with murder. Lucky for Danny he has the best friends he could ask for and together they will protect Skylar.

Overall, it was a great book. I love the characters, I love the series. Each book is a standalone. I can't wait for the next two books.


INKSLINGER BLOG TOUR Kind of Cursed by Stephanie Fournet

Today we are celebrating the release of KIND OF CURSED by Stephanie Fournet by taking part in the blog tour. It is a standalone, romantic comedy. You can grab your copy now, and check out a teaser from the book below.



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KIND OF CURSED by Stephanie Fournet

Romantic Comedy | Available Now


Book Blurb:

Every woman in Millie Delacroix’s family is cursed—kind of.
Birth control just doesn’t work for them. Like ever. Going to the altar knocked up is pretty much a family tradition. And twenty-four-year-old Millie refuses to let that happen to her—again.
Especially now that she’s responsible for raising her brothers and sister. A life of celibacy is her best defense—at least until the kids are grown and can take care of themselves. And, really, what’s ten years with no sex? No men. No sex. No love. It’s a fool-proof plan.
Until she meets Luc Valencia.
The Mexican-American contractor is just trying to do his best. Since his father handed him the reins to the family business, every day is a test to prove himself. At this point in his life, professionalism has to be his top priority.
At least until Millie becomes Luc’s client. Even with too much on her shoulders, the feisty redhead has the power to set him off, crack him up, or bring him to his knees.


All he has to do is resist falling for her through one kitchen remodel, and everything will be fine. Right?


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The story is as adorable as the cover. It's a great romance with memorable characters. I think Fournet did a fantastic job with her diversity. I grew up in a border town with mostly Mexican-Americans and Mexicans and being third generation on my dad's side I can tell you family gatherings and going to friends houses for holidays were always crazy, fun, with such good food and Fournet captured that with the Valencia Thanksgiving. I fell in love with Luc, he's patient, kind, good with kids, a hard worker, good with his hands put him on the ever growing list of book boyfriends and kick a few guys further down the list. I'd love to be more like Millie as strong as she is able to take guardianship of her three siblings after the death of both parents and a bad break up and more she is patient and so loving and so scared of going into another relationship for fear it would end like her first.

Millie's parents, a doctor and an interior decorator, left them off well enough Millie didn't have to worry about money, they even had some earmarked for the kitchen renovation. Millie wasn't expecting it but after hearing her what her mother had planned she knew they needed to do the remodel. Luc is trying run the company his father built from the ground up, he's trying to be the boss he needs to be while not disappointing his father. Falling in love with Millie was not what he intended but the strong woman who took on raising three kids needed to be loved and cherished too he just needed her to realize that very reason she's thinks will scare him away just makes him love her all the more. But the process of them getting there is hilarious and so worth the read. 




Stephanie Fournet, Amazon bestselling author of FALL SEMESTER, LEGACY, BUTTERFLY GINGER, LEAVE A MARK, YOU FIRST, DRIVE, SHELTER, and SOMEONE LIKE ME, lives in Lafayette, Louisiana—not far from the Saint Streets where her novels are set. She shares her home with her husband John and their needy dogs Gladys and Mabel, and sometimes their daughter Hannah even comes home from college to visit them. When she isn’t writing romance novels, Stephanie is usually helping students get into college, setting up a tent in the woods, or running. She loves hearing from fans so you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or message her on Goodreads.




ARC REVIEW I See You by Mary Burton and bonus novella Christmas Past


I See You (Criminal Profiler, #2)Criminal Profiler #2, Part of a series but can be read as a standalone like with most of Mary Burton books.  Burton's writing is engaging and thrilling and always keeps me on my toes, Written in third person the POV goes from protagonist to side characters and switches to first person POV for the antagonist, still keeping the identity of the baddie a secret 'til the end.

FBI Special Agent Zoe Spencer started of life as a dancer but due to an unfortunate accident she had to stop dancing which lead her to art and then to the FBI. Although she is a criminal profiler she also gets pulled onto cases requiring her artist talent and does forensic sketches or sculptures independently from her team. Most recently she was given a charred skull that was discovered by a reporter who was given a tip. A tip from the very person who put the body in there in the first place who was looking for some recognition after all this time.

Discovering who the skull belonged to puts her smack in the middle of the cold case investigation working side by side with her occasional lover Homicide Detective William Vaughn. The more questions they ask the more the killer gets nervous and soon the cold case is hot again with another murder, and another. Working together Vaughn and Zoe try to figure out what happened all those years ago and why the killer started up again, unless he never stopped.

Vaughn and Zoe keep it professional for the most part but soon realize what they have is not casual anymore but Zoe isn't sure she's ready to move on from the death of her husband with someone new someone with the same occupation. This case bring them closer than ever but catching this killer is going to make them both realize something big. Overall it's a really good read it keeps you going from start to finish. Mary Burton is one of my go to authors for romantic suspense and this one did not disappoint.

Christmas PastOriginally published on 2012 in an anthology (Silver Bells) and is part of her Richmond Virginia series. It is a standalone novella but the only bad thing about this one is that it feels like it should be part of a full length novel. It feels like it's a follow-up to another story. Photographer and new mom Nicole Piper survived her manipulative and abusive husband but even from the grave he torments her. A letter written to her before his death that explains he wasn't the one who killed her friend but the identity is in a safe deposit box. Along with with Homicide Detective David Ayden, who was there the first time around her husband tormented her and helped safe her life, Nicole goes to find out the truth. David hasn't felt this way about a woman for a while after the death of his wife he never thought he could but now that the case is over he's free to pursue a relationship with her, that's if she's interested. David isn't about to let her go off and handle this on her own who knows what her psychotic, late husband set up for her and Nicole hesitant but accepts his help. Nicole feels the same as David but is afraid of her own judgement even though she's seen proof he's a good person. This Christmas is going to change her life but will it be for better or worse. Overall, despite the feeling like I was missing a whole other story it was a good read. It was intense and it's short enough you can just breeze right through it. 



ARC REVIEW Lethal Redemption by April Hunt

Lethal Redemption (Steele Ops, #2)Steele Ops #2, Another stellar book from April Hunt. This can be read as a standalone the first book has no connection to this other than characters and a few mentions but you miss nothing by not reading it except skipping a really good book. After Grace's father died when she was five her mother moved them into a commune the older Grace got the more she realized it was a cult. When she was thirteen something drastic happened and she ended up with her aunt and three cousins. Cade Wright and his sister were part of the Steele family by choice, Cade was there when Grace showed up at their doorstep. Grace and Cade started as friends but soon became more they fell in love, they even had their future all planned out but then Cade changed the plan without a word and left Grace heartbroken. It's been almost a decade and not a day goes by that Cade regrets his decision but Grace still hurts they can't even be in the same room together without verbally sparring.

Steele Ops the private security firm run by her cousins get hired to do a job she gets pulled in for her expertise on the subject, the subject of the Order of the New Dawn, the cult where she spent her childhood. Unfortunately the only way in is to play the prodigal daughter and there is no way her cousins it Cade is letting her go in alone so Cade poses as her fiance. Now Grace has to face all the terrors of her past while dealing with this mission and her and Cade's relationship. What they find out about OND goes deep and gets very personal for Grace. But Grace has Cade he's always been there for her in the past and he wants to be there for her now he just has to convince her he's not going to run away this time. 

Overall, this was such a great book, the characters were so likeable Grace is smart quick with an insult, Cade is sexy, strong, and over protective but he knows Grace can handle herself; the plot is engaging and if life had let me I probably would have finished in one sitting, the romance was emotional and hot I love them together, it was all so good. I can't wait for the Steele brother's to get their stories.     


CHRISTMAS ARC REVIEW Snowbound at Christmas by Debbie Mason

Snowbound at ChristmasChristmas Colorado #5, Originally published in 2015 this reissue has a nice new cover. This is a great series from Debbie Mason, I've only read 3 out of the 7, not including the novellas, but each book I've read is so great. I love her writing, Christmas, Colorado seems so real in my head with all it's quirky residents and idyllic scenery.

Cat O'Connor loves her hometown she loves her family's ranch especially the people who go out of their way to help and then there is her sister Chloe, pampered and protected since she was an unhealthy baby who grew up into an entitled and selfish actress for a daytime soap. Cat became a police officer until she fell for the wrong man and it ruined her career. Needing to get out of Colorado she moves to LA to work as her sister's.... well everything. After some time Cat realized she was ready to go back home she already told Chloe she was leaving when an "accident" happened. Cat knew one thing for sure it was no accident someone just tried to kill her sister and she wasn't going to leave her sister alone until she found out who.

Grayson Alexander was on a well deserved vacation when his cousin recruited him for a job working undercover on a daytime soap to find out who is trying to kill the lead actress. Unfortunately his grandmother got kicked out of another nursing home and he was stuck with her posing as his manager; a great actress back in her day she fit right in with everyone. Gray himself posing as Lord Harry Halstead a new leading man, opposite Chloe. First off he assumes Cat is the primary suspect until he meets them and after talking to the crew his suspect list grows pushing Cat farther down the list. The more time he spends with them the more he likes Cat but Chloe is under the delusion that Lord Harry and her are a couple. Things don't any easier when they move the shooting to their hometown it just gives the would be killer more opportunity to go after Chloe.       

This is my favorite so far. Overall it was a great read it had several laugh out loud moments and the characters were so amusing. It was fun seeing the process of how Cat and Gray finally got together. Chloe, loved to hate her I so wanted to smack her upside the head. Ty is hysterical along with some of the other Christmas, Colorado residents. Such a fun Christmas Rom-Com I recommend to my book loving friends.


ARC REVIEW Forever and A Duke by Grace Burrowes

Forever and a Duke (Rogues to Riches, #3)Rogues to Riches#3, Even though I really didn't care for the second book in the series I did enjoy a book from another series written by Grace Burrowes so I thought I'd give this one a try, unfortunately it wasn't as good as I hoped. I did like it a bit more than the previous book the synopsis sounded good but once again just fell short for me. I liked the idea that a woman could be the best auditor in all of London and that a competing bank would seek her help. Beauty and intelligence are not mutually inclusive so I had no problem that she happened to be both, Elenora puts no stock into her appearance with her family's background she's just trying to remain respectable enough to work for a living. The Duke of Elsmore, Wrexham has been so busy keeping up appearances and taking care of his mother and sisters and the Dukedom the bank that his family owns has fallen on to some issues and it turns out his family finances are also a bit mucked up. Elenora agrees reluctantly, with her family history she doesn't really like titled lords. The more time they spend together the more they realize there is more to each other than meets the eye. It not hard to see why Rex fell for Elenora but she needs a bit more, she likes him and sees that he's loyal to his family but she still doesn't know if she can trust him. Little by little she opens up and hopes he doesn't break her heart and ruin her reputation.

Overall, it was a nice read. The romance between Elenora and Rex just fell a little flat for me.   


ARC REVIEW The Librarian's Vampire Assistant book 4 by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff


The Librarian's Vampire Assistant, book #4


The Librarian's Vampire Assistant (The Librarian's Vampire Assistant #4)

From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes a snarky Mystery with a side dish of Romance and two sprinkles of chaos, THE LIBRARIAN’S VAMPIRE ASSISTANT, Book Four. (Yep! These books are STANDALONES. But the more you read, the merrier!)


A crazy vampire has stolen my librarian. And if that’s not bad enough, it is my fault. Because I, too, am an ancient, deadly vampire, and it was my job to protect her. I failed.

Now, just as I have reason to hope I will get her back, the situation turns into the biggest mystery of my existence.

Apparently, this evil vampire has brainwashed her into thinking she belongs with him. I do not know how. I do not know why. But I will get to the bottom of this and win her back.

Because I am the motherf*!$%ing librarian’s vampire assistant, and she belongs to me. Or, at least she used to?

Well that just happened. It's a surprising turn of events for Michael that will have you yelling at your book. I kept repeating my MJP mantra "Nothing is as it seems", because really Mimi likes to screw with us that way and then blame it on the characters (I say in a tongue in cheek manner). 
In all honesty Michael's dated almost humourless attitude is hysterical and he's so oblivious at times it makes his first person narration even better. 
This is technically not a cliffhanger but it's also not a HEA, yet, it does leave a wide open ending for the next book, squeee! I loved this book it is my favorite out of the series so far. Mimi will have you laughing out loud and will have you cursing at Michael, Mr. Nice....Lula... well just about everyone; it's all in good fun and one hell of a story. I stayed up half the night reading it I couldn't put it down.

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About the Author

MIMI JEAN PAMFILOFF is a New York Times bestselling author who’s sold over one million books around the world. Although she obtained her MBA and worked for more than fifteen years in the corporate world, she believes that it’s never too late to come out of the romance closet and follow your dreams. Mimi lives with her Latin lover hubby, two pirates-in-training (their boys), and their three spunky dragons (really, just very tiny dogs with big attitudes) Snowy, Mini, and Mack, in the vampire-unfriendly state of Arizona. She hopes to make you laugh when you need it most and continues to pray daily that leather pants will make a big comeback for men.

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ARC REVIEW Reckless With You by Carrie Ann Ryan

Reckless With You (Less Than, #2)Less Than #2, We are back with the Carr siblings this time with Amelia the landscape architect. Everyone naturally assumed that Amelia and her best friend Tobey were dating, they weren't but Amelia wanted to change that. Unfortunately Tobey was not the man we had hoped to be, good thing Amelia has a wonderful support system in her family included in that her brother's best friend Tucker.

Tucker is hot, both men and women hit on him or just eye fucked him. He was fine with that he never had plans on getting married. After being raised in the foster system he had a hard time believing in anything permanent. Tucker always liked Amelia he never before let himself get to carried away by the attraction because his friendship with her brother but after what happened with Tobey and finding her drunk practically naked he's been thinking about her a lot more and not in the sisterly way either.

Tired of the pitying looks from her family and friends and to keep them from trying to set her up on a blind date she blurts out she dating already and the first name that comes out her mouth, Tucker. Tucker does not like lying to her family so they keep as close to the truth as possible but it doesn't take long before their fake relationship is real and by the time the emotions are running deep the other shoe drops but not like how you would think.

Overall, a fantastic read. It surprised me the direction she went with this but it was a good surprise. I love Tucker one of the things I enjoy about these books is how normal these people are with normal jobs; Tucker is a radiologist, Devin is postman (I keep expecting a postman always rings twice joke). They are amazing people who have learned to love despite their parents. Carrie Ann Ryan is a wonderful wordsmith with a knack for emotion, you feel for her characters, hurt when they hurt, laugh when they laugh, you root for them you want them to be happy and get their HEA. I am very much looking forward to Shameless With Him, it's about time for Zoey's story.